How leading businesses manage their office space for semi-remote working.

Maximise use of your office space
Great for managing different locations, or multi-floor offices
Staff manage their own working schedule
No chasing employees or juggling calendars
Set custom attendance rules
Limit attendance to ensure social distancing is maintained
Report on desk utilisation
Visualise efficiency to enable resource decisions
Perform contact tracing if staff become ill
React quickly to keep staff safe

Set up your offices and ToggleDesk will do the rest.

Invite employees to book a desk, safe in the knowledge that your office or workspace will be well utilised and safe for all.

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How many workspaces can I have?

You can manage as many workspaces as you like. A workspace can be a whole office, a floor or just an area in your office that different users have access to.

How does office contact tracing work?

Admins of a workspace have the option to list all visitors who have recently visited that workspace. From this list, the admin can select a visitor on which to perform contract tracing.

The contact tracing function of ToggleDesk will look back at all visits to the workspace by that person and return all other visitors who were there at the same time. The admin is then free to contact these people and suggest appropriate action.

Can I assign desks to visitors once they book?

Not yet. Desk assignment is part of our roadmap and will be available soon.

How do users access ToggleDesk?

Access is managed through a whitelist of your business's email domain(s). i.e. anyone with a email address will be able to access the workspace by default (exceptions can be made to include or exclude specific users).

Each workspace has a unique shareable link. Just send this link to the people you want to give access to and, as long as they have an allowed email address, will be sent a sign in link that provide access without needing a password.

Can I whitelabel ToggleDesk for my own clients?

Allowing ToggleDesk to be whitelisted and sold by 3rd party companies is part of our roadmap but not currently possible. If you would like to be part of this programme, please email us on

Is my data used for marketing or sold to 3rd parties?

Absolutely not. We do not use your data for any marketing and your data will never be sold to third parties.

What data do we collect?

We use cookies to keep you logged in and analytics to see how you use our services and provide support. You can read our full privacy policy for more details. ToggleDesk works like an app on your phone but it is a website - we do not install anything on your phone or have any "native" app permissions.

Can I give access to users that do not have a company email address?

You can whitelist individual non-company email addresses to give contractors or other users the ability to book desks.

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